fallacy: webster's dictionary - 1. A false notion. 2. A statement or argument based on a false or invalid inference.

A Written Testimony To Man's 6000 Year Old Ignorance

Genesis - God created the heavens and the earth, but there was no one there to witness and record the event, god doesn't personally write about things he does, remember?? He only inspires to humans what he wants them to write, like dictation, or outsourcing his comments.

God created the Heavens and the Earth in six days, yet islands are still forming in the Pacific?

The bible god supposedly created the heavens and the earth in just six days, but yet it took him forty days and nights to write The Ten Commandments???

Genesis 2:7 And the Lord God formed Man out of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.

Humans are said to be made of 75% water, shouldn't humans be 75% dirt and 25% water since we were supposed to be made from dust?

Genesis 6:6 And it repented the Lord that he had created man on Earth and it greived him at his heart. The perfect god, but yet with regrets?

But it is nowhere written in the bible that god regretted creating or allowing an evil being called Satan to exist and to reign over the earth, the reason people are so wicked in the first place, according to the bible. The God with the short memory.

Genesis 6 : 9 Noah was a just man and perfect in his generations, and Noah walked with God.

John 1:18 No man hath seen God, at any time. How did Noah know he was walking with God?

Noah was perfect in his generations, so for his thanks to God he got drunk, Genesis 9:21 And Noah drank of the wine and was drunken.

Genesis 7:12 And the rain was upon the Earth for forty days and nights. So God caused a great flood, to filter out the wicked and the unrighteous. And soon came Sodom and Gomorrah the wicked city the choice of preachers to compare us to today. Genesis 19: 34-36 Thus were both the daughters of Lot with child by their fathers. Incest is just fine no problem, not wicked?

If the Bible is true, then these conditions are real and verifiable outside of the Bible:

The universe is only six thousand years old, dinosaurs never existed, the world is flat and the earth is in the center of the universe, the Sun goes around the earth, demons, invisible spirits, ghosts, holy ghosts, demons, angels, snakes, bushes, and donkeys, can talk, virgin birth is possible, god and jesus live in the clouds above, prayer has secret powers over this god, miracles and blessing do occur, invisible souls can either be saved or unsaved, depending on what a person decides to believe in their heart, the heart is the center of all thought and emotion, people can talk to god and jesus with their heart, there is no such thing as a brain, people can be raised from the dead, people can walk on water, water can be turned into wine, 5000 people can easily be fed with two loaves and two fishes, only invisible jesus can save invisible souls, diseases are caused by demons, science is of the devil, a person can live in the belly of a whale for three days and nights, a whales'stomach acid has no effect upon humans.

Jesus prays to himself, his father which is also him, too??

Jesus and god are supposed to be one and the same, yet he asked on the cross, "My God, My God, Why Has Thou Forsaken Me?

1. God being the creator of all things, created Satan and evil, Isaiah 45:7.

2. It repented the Lord that he created a man and a woman. Gen. ch. 6 Vs: 6 So this statement shows that God himself made a great mistake. Although, it is not written that it repented God to have made Satan and allowed evil to exist in the first place.

3. God rested on the 7th day of creation, damn good thing too, what else was he about to screw up?

4. The all knowing God had to ask Adam and Eve where were they, when he was looking for them.

5. The 3rd or 4th person to arrive was a murderer, Cain slew Abel and the all knowing God had to ask Cain where was his brother?

If I were a god, I would have made sure that Adam and Eve conceived a male and a female to start the multiplication process to begin with instead of two rival brothers, perhaps Abel was gay? Yes/No?

6. All people were so wicked that God had to destroy them, but why did God not offer them a plan of salvation, since Jesus was ready and willing to die for everyone's sins? And God already knew that Jesus was going to be born of a virgin some day, right? Oh I know, there were no virgins available at that time....ha ha ha

7. Now after thousands of years, God's brain kicks into gear and he's thinking up a plan, a way for peoples sins to be forgiven, because we know that God hates sin, Did I say the God of love, hates?...yikes, God hates sin, but yet he created it and allows it to exist.

8. Now Mary wanted a baby and has a visitation by an angel, a messenger from God....but not God??....no no, a messenger from God, and the angel impregnates Mary or was it God, or the messenger?

9. After Jesus arrives we have spirits souls, miracles, etc. All this sounds contrived doesn't it? Sounds man made doesn't it?

10. It's very important to God that Jesus be beaten, flogged, spit on, dragged, cursed, persecuted, so that mans sins may be forgiven. Of course, God could have just eliminated all sin to begin with, but we would not have such a bizarre story to deceive people into believing would we?

11. God being Jesus in disguise as his only begotten son, calls out to God (himself) Matt. 27, 46 In the ninth hour Jesus called out My God, My God, Why has thou forsaken me? And God waits until the third day to receive himself?

12. And Christians say silly things like, They walk with God, what a friggen lie!

13. They have received the blood of Christ, another fallacy!

14. Just invite Jesus into your heart, more allegorical lies.

15. Jesus died for your sins, sure he did...more stupid lies!

16. If one man was beaten and dragged through the streets and can save souls, imagine what six million of God's (chosen people) tortured to death Jews can do, let's see...absolutely NOTHING!!!

17. A man that was flogged, spit on and murdered is a good thing, worthy of much worship?

18. According to the bible our only purpose in life is to worship and sing praise to imaginary invisible beings.

19. Matthew 6:53, Unless you eat the body of christ and drink his blood, ye shall not see the kingdom of heaven. ( Christianity - a cannibal death cult religion.)

More Biblical Fallacies:
1. God is satisfied with his works, Gen 1:31, God is dissatisfied with his works. Gen 6:6
2. God dwells in chosen temples, 2 Chron 7:12,16, God dwells not in temples, Acts 7:48
3. God dwells in light, Tim 6:16 God dwells in darkness, 1-Kings 8:12/ Ps 18:11/ Ps 97:2
4. God is seen and heard, Ex 33:23/ Ex 33:11/ Gen 3:9,10/ Gen 32:30/ Is 6:1/Ex 24:9-11, God is invisible and cannot be heard, John 1:18/ John 5:37/ Ex 33:20/ 1 Tim 6:16
5. God is tired and rests, Ex 31:17/ Jer 15:6, God is never tired and never rests, Is 40:28
6. God is everywhere present, sees and knows all things, Prov 15:3/ Ps 139:7-10/ Job 34:22,21, God is not everywhere present, neither sees nor knows all things, Gen 11:5/ Gen 18:20,21/ Gen 3:8
7. God knows the hearts of men, Acts 1:24/ Ps 139:2,3 God tries men to find out what is in their heart, Deut 13:3/ Deut 8:2/ Gen 22:12
8. God is all powerful, Jer 32:27/ Matt 19:26, God is not all powerful, Judg 1:19
9. God is unchangeable, James 1:17/ Mal 3:6/ Ezek 24:14/ Num 23:19, God is changeable, Gen 6:6/ Jonah 3:10/ 1 Sam 2:30,31/ 2 Kings 20:1,4,5,6/ Ex 33:1,3,17,14
10. God is just and impartial, Ps 92:15/ Gen 18:25/ Deut 32:4/ Rom 2:11/ Ezek 18:25 God is unjust and partial, Gen 9:25/ Ex 20:5/ Rom 9:11-13/ Matt 13:12
11. God is the author of evil, Lam 3:38/ Jer 18:11/ Is 45:7/ Amos 3:6/ Ezek 20:25, God is not the author of evil, 1 Cor 14:33/ Deut 32:4/ James 1:13
12. God gives freely to those who ask, James 1:5/ Luke 11:10, God withholds his blessings and prevents men from receiving them, John 12:40/ Josh 11:20/ Is 63:17
13. God is to be found by those who seek him, Matt 7:8/ Prov 8:17 God is not to be found by those who seek him, Prov 1:28
14. God is warlike, Ex 15:3/ Is 51:15 God is peaceful, Rom 15:33/ 1 Cor 14:33
15. God is cruel, unmerciful, destructive, and ferocious, Jer 13:14/ Deut 7:16/ 1 Sam 15:2,3/ 1 Sam 6:19, God is kind, merciful, and good, James 5:11/ Lam 3:33/ 1 Chron 16:34/ Ezek 18:32/ Ps 145:9/ 1 Tim 2:4/ 1 John 4:16/ Ps 25:8
16. God's anger is fierce and endures long, Num 32:13/ Num 25:4/ Jer 17:4 God's anger is slow and endures but for a minute, Ps 103:8/ Ps 30:5
17. God commands, approves of, and delights in burnt offerings, sacrifices ,and holy days, Ex 29:36/ Lev 23:27/ Ex 29:18/ Lev 1:9 God disapproves of and has no pleasure in burnt offerings, sacrifices, and holy days, Jer 7:22/ Jer 6:20/ Ps 50:13,4/ Is 1:13,11,12
18. God accepts human sacrifices, 2 Sam 21:8,9,14/ Gen 22:2/ Judg 11:30-32,34,38,39 God forbids human sacrifice, Deut 12:30,31
19. God tempts men, Gen 22:1/ 2 Sam 24:1/ Jer 20:7/ Matt 6:13 God tempts no man, James 1:13
20. God cannot lie, Heb 6:18 God lies by proxy; he sends forth lying spirits to deceive, 2 Thes 2:11/ 1 Kings 22:23/ Ezek 14:9
21. Because of man's wickedness, God destroys him, Gen 6:5,7 Because of man's wickedness, God will not destroy him, Gen 8:21
22. God's attributes are revealed in his works, Rom 1:20 God's attributes cannot be discovered, Job 11:7/ Is 40:28
23. There is but one God, Deut 6:4 There is a plurality of gods, Gen 1:26/ Gen 3:22/ Gen 18:1-3/ 1 John 5:7Moral Precepts
24. Robbery commanded, Ex 3:21,22/ Ex 12:35,36, Robbery forbidden, Lev 19:13/ Ex 20:15
25. Lying approved and sanctioned, Josh 2:4-6/ James 2:25/ Ex 1:18-20/ 1 Kings 22:21,22, Lying forbidden, Ex 20:16/ Prov 12:22/ Rev 21:8
26. Hatred to the Edomite sanctioned, 2 Kings 14:7,3 Hatred to the Edomite forbidden, Deut 23:7
27. Killing commandedEx 32:27 Killing forbidden, Ex 20:13
28. The blood-shedder must die, Gen 9:5,6 The blood-shedder must not die, Gen 4:15
29. The making of images forbidden, Ex 20:4 The making of images commanded, Ex 25:18,20
30. Slavery and oppression ordained, Gen 9:25/ Lev 25:45,46/ Joel 3:8 Slavery and oppression forbidden, Is 58:6/ Ex 22:21/ Ex 21:16/ Matt 23:10
31. Improvidence enjoyed, Matt 6:28,31,34/ Luke 6:30,35/ Luke 12:3 Improvidence condemned, 1 Tim 5:8/ Prov 13:22
32. Anger approved, Eph 4:26 Anger disapproved, Eccl 7:9/ Prov 22:24/ James 1:20
33. Good works to be seen of men, Matt 5:16 Good works not to be seen of men, Matt 6:1
34. Judging of others forbidden, Matt 7:1,2 Judging of others approved, 1 Cor 6:2-4/ 1 Cor 5:12
35. Christ taught non-resistance, Matt 5:39/ Matt 26:52 Christ taught and practiced physical resistance, Luke 22:36/ John 2:15
36. Christ warned his followers not to fear being killed, Luke 12:4 Christ himself avoided the Jews for fear of being killed, John 7:1
37. Public prayer sanctioned, 1 Kings 8:22,54, 9:3 Public prayer disapproved, Matt 6:5,6
38. Importunity in prayer commended, Luke 18:5,7 Importunity in prayer condemned, Matt 6:7,8
39. The wearing of long hair by men sanctioned, Judg 13:5/ Num 6:5 The wearing of long hair by men condemned, 1 Cor 11:14
40. Circumcision instituted, Gen 17:10 Circumcision condemned, Gal 5:2
41. The Sabbath instituted, Ex 20:8 The Sabbath repudiated, Is 1:13/ Rom 14:5/ Col 2:16
42. The Sabbath instituted because God rested on the seventh day, Ex 20:11 The Sabbath instituted because God brought the Israelites out of Egypt, Deut 5:15
43. No work to be done on the Sabbath under penalty of death, Ex 31:15/ Num 15:32,36 Jesus Christ broke the Sabbath and justified his disciples in the same, John 5:16/ Matt 12:1-3,5
44. Baptism commanded, Matt 28:19 Baptism not commanded, 1 Cor 1:17,14
45. Every kind of animal allowed for food, Gen 9:3/ 1 Cor 10:25/ Rom 14:14 Certain kinds of animals prohibited for food, Deut 14:7,8
46. Taking of oaths sanctioned, Num 30:2/ Gen 21:23-24,31/ Gen 31:53/ Heb 6:13 Taking of oaths forbidden, Matt 5:34
47. Marriage approved, Gen 2:18/ Gen 1:28/ Matt 19:5/ Heb 13:4 Marriage disapproved, 1 Cor 7:1/ 1 Cor 7:7,8
48. Freedom of divorce permitted, Deut 24:1/ Deut 21:10,11,14 Divorce restricted, Matt 5:32
49. Adultery forbidden, Ex 20:14/ Heb 13:4 Adultery allowed, Num 31:18/ Hos 1:2; 2:1-3
50. Marriage or cohabitation with a sister denounced, Deut 27:22/ Lev 20:17 Abraham married his sister and God blessed the union, Gen 20:11,12/ Gen 17:16
51. A man may marry his brother's widow, Deut 25:5 A man may not marry his brother's widow, Lev 20:21
52. Hatred to kindred enjoined, Luke 14:26 Hatred to kindred condemned, Eph 6:2/ Eph 5:25,29
53. Intoxicating beverages recommended, Prov 31:6,7/ 1 Tim 5:23/ Ps 104:15 Intoxicating beverages discountenanced, Prov 20:1/ Prov 23:31,32
54. It is our duty to obey our rulers, who are God's ministers and punish evil doers only, Rom 13:1-3,6 It is not our duty to obey rulers, who sometimes punish the good and receive unto themselves damnation therefore, Ex 1:17,20/ Dan 3:16,18/ Dan 6:9,7,10/ Acts 4:26,27/ Mark 12:38,39,40/ Luke 23:11,24,33,35
55. Women's rights denied, Gen 3:16/ 1 Tim 2:12/ 1 Cor 14:34/ 1 Pet 3:6 Women's rights affirmed, Judg 4:4,14,15/ Judg 5:7/ Acts 2:18/ Acts 21:9
56. Obedience to masters enjoined, Col 3:22,23/ 1 Pet 2:18 Obedience due to God only, Matt 4:10/ 1 Cor 7:23/ Matt 23:10
57. There is an unpardonable sin, Mark 3:29 There is not unpardonable sin, Acts 13:39,
58. Man was created after the other animals, Gen 1:25,26,27 Man was created before the other animals, Gen 2:18,19
59. Seed time and harvest were never to cease, Gen 8:22 Seed time and harvest did cease for seven years, Gen 41:54,56/ Gen 45:6
60. God hardened Pharaoh's heart, Ex 4:21/ Ed 9:12 Pharaoh hardened his own heart, Ex 8:15
61. All the cattle and horses in Egypt died, Ex 9:3,6/ 14:9 All the horses of Egypt did not die, Ex 14:9
62. Moses feared Pharaoh, Ex 2:14,15,23; 4:19 Moses did not fear Pharaoh, Heb 11:27
63. There died of the plague twenty-four thousand, Num 25:9 There died of the plague, but twenty-three thousand, 1 Cor 10:8
64. John the Baptist was Elias, Matt 11:14 John the Baptist was not Elias, John 1:21
65. The father of Joseph, Mary's husband was Jacob, Matt 1:16 The father of Mary's husband was Heli, Luke 3:23
66. The father of Salah was Arphaxad, Gen 11:12 The father of Salah was Cainan, Luke 3:35,36
67. There were fourteen generations from Abraham to David, Matt 1:17 There were but thirteen generations from Abraham to David, Matt 1:2-6
68. There were fourteen generations from the Babylonian captivity to Christ, Matt 1:17 There were but thirteen generations from the Babylonian captivity to Christ, Matt 1:12-16
69. The infant Christ was taken into Egypt, Matt 2:14,15,19,21,23 The infant Christ was not taken into Egypt, Luke 2:22, 39
70. Christ was tempted in the wilderness, Mark 1:12,13 Christ was not tempted in the wilderness, John 2:1,2
71. Christ preached his first sermon on the mount, Matt 5:1,2 Christ preached his first sermon on the plain, Luke 6:17,20
72. John was in prison when Jesus went into Galilee, Mark 1:14 John was not in prison when Jesus went into Galilee, John 1:43/ John 3:22-24
73. Christ's disciples were commanded to go forth with a staff and sandals, Mark 6:8,9 Christ's disciples were commanded to go forth with neitherstaffs nor sandals, Matt 10:9,10
74. A woman of Canaan besought Jesus, Matt 15:22 It was a Greek woman who besought Him, Mark 7:26
75. Two blind men besought Jesus, Matt 20:30 Only one blind man besought Him, Luke 18:35,38
76. Christ was crucified at the third hour, Mark 15:25 Christ was not crucified until the sixth hour, John 19:14,15
77. The two thieves reviled Christ, Matt 27:44/ Mark 15:32 Only one of the thieves reviled Christ, Luke 23:39,40
78. Satan entered into Judas while at supper, John 13:27 Satan entered into him before the supper, Luke 22:3,4,7
79. Judas committed suicide by hanging, Matt 27:5 Judas did not hang himself, but died another way, Acts 1:18
80. The potter's field was purchased by Judas, Acts 1:18 The potter's field was purchased by the Chief Priests, Matt 27:6,7
81. There was but one woman who came to the sepulchre, John 20:1 There were two women who came to the sepulchre, Matt 28:1
82. There were three women who came to the sepulchre, Mark 16:1 There were more than three women who came to the sepulchre, Luke 24:10
83. It was at sunrise when they came to the sepulchre, Mark 16:2 It was some time before sunrise when they came, John 20:1
84. There were two angels seen by the women at the sepulchre, and they were standing up, Luke 24:4 There was but one angel seen, and he was sitting down, Matt 28:2,5
85. There were two angels seen within the sepulchre, John 20:11,12 There was but one angel seen within the sepulchre, Mark 16:5
86. Christ was to be three days and three nights in the grave, Matt 12:40 Christ was but two days and two nights in the grave, Mark 15:25,42,44,45,46; 16:9>
87. Holy ghost bestowed at pentecost, Acts 1:8,5 Holy ghost bestowed before pentecost, John 20:22
88. The disciples were commanded immediately after the resurrection to go into Galilee, Matt 28:10 The disciples were commanded immediately after the resurrection to go tarry at Jerusalem, Luke 24:49
89. Jesus first appeared to the eleven disciples in a room at Jerusalem, Luke 24:33,36,37/ John 20:19 Jesus first appeared to the eleven on a mountain in Galilee, Matt 28:16,17
90. Christ ascended from Mount Olivet, Acts 1:9,12 Christ ascended from Bethany,Luke 24:50,51
91. Paul's attendants heard the miraculous voice, and stood speechless, Acts 9:7 Paul's attendants heard not the voice and were prostrate, Acts 26:14
92. Abraham departed to go into Canaan, Gen 12:5 Abraham went not knowing where, Heb 11:8
93. Abraham had two sons, Gal 4:22 Abraham had but one son, Heb 11:17
94. Keturah was Abraham's wife, Gen 25:1 Keturah was Abraham's concubine, 1 Chron 1:32
95. Abraham begat a son when he was a hundred years old, by the interposition of Providence, Gen 21:2/ Rom 4:19/ Heb 11:12 Abraham begat six children more after he was a hundred years old without any interposition of providence, Gen 25:1,2
96. Jacob bought a sepulchre from Hamor, Josh 24:32 Abraham bought it of Hamor, Acts 7:16
97. God promised the land of Canaan to Abraham and his seed forever, Gen 13:14,15,17; 17:8 Abraham and his seed never received the promised land, Acts 7:5/ Heb 11:9,13
98. Goliath was slain by Elhanan, 2 Sam 21:19 *note, was changed in translation to be correct. Original manuscript was incorrect>The brother of Goliath was slain by Elhanan1 Chron 20:5
99. Ahaziah began to reign in the twelfth year of Joram, 2 Kings 8:25 Ahaziah began to reign in the eleventh year of Joram, 2 Kings 9:29
100. Michal had no child, 2 Sam 6:23 Michal had five children, 2 Sam 21:8
101. David was tempted by the Lord to number Israel, 2 Sam 24:1 David was tempted by Satan to number the people, 1 Chron 21:1
102. The number of fighting men of Israel was 800,000; and of Judah 500,0002 Sam 24:9
The number of fighting men of Israel was 1,100,000; and of Judah 470,0001 Chron 21:5
103. David sinned in numbering the people, 2 Sam 24:10 David never sinned, except in the matter of Uriah, 1 Kings 15:5
104. One of the penalties of David's sin was seven years of famine, 2 Sam 24:13 It was not seven years, but three years of famine, 1 Chron 21:11,12
105. David took seven hundred horsemen, 2 Sam 8:4 David took seven thousand horsemen, 1 Chron 18:4
106. David bought a threshing floor for fifty shekels of silver, 2 Sam 24:24 David bought the threshing floor for six hundred shekels of gold, 1 Chron 21:25
107. David's throne was to endure forever, Ps 89:35-37 David's throne was cast down, Ps 89:44 Speculative Doctrines
108. Christ is equal with God, John 10:30/ Phil 2:5 Christ is not equal with God, John 14:28/ Matt 24:36
109. Jesus was all-powerful, Matt 28:18/ John 3:35 Jesus was not all-powerful, Mark 6:5
110. The law was superseded by the Christian dispensation, Luke 16:16/ Eph 2:15/ Rom 7:6 The law was not superseded by the Christian dispensation, Matt 5:17-19
111. Christ's mission was peace, Luke 2:13,14 Christ's mission was not peace, Matt 10:34
112. Christ received not testimony from man, John 5:33,34 Christ did receive testimony from man, John 15:27
113. Christ's witness of himself is true, John 8:18,14 Christ's witness of himself is not true, John 5:31
114. Christ laid down his life for his friends, John 15:13/ John 10:11 Christ laid down his life for his enemies, Rom 5:10
115. It was lawful for the Jews to put Christ to death, John 19:7 It was not lawful for the Jews to put Christ to death, John 18:31
116. Children are punished for the sins of the parents, Ex 20:5 Children are not punished for the sins of the parents, Ezek 18:20
117. Man is justified by faith alone, Rom 3:20/ Gal 2:16/ Gal 3:11,12/ Rom 4:2 Man is not justified by faith alone, James 2:21,24/ Rom 2:13
118. It is impossible to fall from grace, John 10:28/ Rom 8:38,39 It is possible to fall from grace, Ezek 18:24/ Heb 6:4-6, 2 Pet 2:20,21
119. No man is without sin, 1 Kings 8:46/ Prov 20:9/ Eccl 7:20/ Rom 3:10 Christians are sinless, 1 John 3: 9,6,8
120. There is to be a resurrection of the dead, 1 Cor 15:52/ Rev 20:12,13/ Luke 20:37/ 1 Cor 15:16 There is to be no resurrection of the dead, Job 7:9/ Eccl 9:5/ Is 26:14
121. Reward and punishment to be bestowed in this world, Prov 11:31 Reward and punishment to be bestowed in the next world, Rev 20:12/ Matt 16:27/ 2 Cor 5:10
122. Annihilation the portion of all mankind, Job 3: 11,13-17,19-22/ Eccl 9:5,10/ Eccl 3:19,20 Endless misery the portion of all mankind, Matt 25:46/ Rev 20:10,15/ Rev 14:11/ Dan 12:2
123. The Earth is to be destroyed, 2 Pet 3:10/ Heb 1:11/ Rev 20:11 The Earth is never to be destroyed, Ps 104:5/ Eccl 1:4
124. No evil shall happen to the godly, Prov 12:21/ 1 Pet 3:13 Evil does happen to the godly, Heb 12:6/ Job 2:3,7
125. Worldly good and prosperity are the lot of the godly, Prov 12:21/ Ps 37:28,32,33,37/ Ps 1:1,3/ Gen 39:2/Job 42:12 Worldly misery and destitution the lot of the godlyHeb 11:37,38/ Rev 7:14/ 2 Tim 3:12/ Luke 21:17
126. Worldly prosperity a reward of righteousness and a blessing, Mark 10:29,30/ Ps 37:25/ Ps 112:1,3/ Job 22:23,24/Prov 15:6 Worldly prosperity a curse and a bar to future reward, Luke 6:20,24/ Matt 6:19,21/ Luke 16:22/ Matt 19:24/Luke 6:24
127. The Christian yoke is easy, Matt 11:28,29,30 The Christian yoke is not easy, John 16:33/ 2 Tim 3:12/ Heb 12:6,8
128. The fruit of God's spirit is love and gentleness, Gal 5:22 The fruit of God's spirit is vengeance and fury, Judg 15:14/ 1 Sam 18:10,11
129. Longevity enjoyed by the wicked, Job 21:7,8/ Ps 17:14/ Eccl 8:12/ Is 65:20 Longevity denied to the wicked, Eccl 8:13/ Ps 55:23/ Prov 10:27/ Job 36:14/ Eccl 7:17
130. Poverty a blessing, Luke 6:20,24/ Jams 2:5 Riches a blessingProv 10:15/ Job 22:23,24/ Job 42:12 Neither poverty nor riches a blessingProv 30:8,9
131. Wisdom a source of enjoyment, Prov 3:13,17 Wisdom a source of vexation, grief and sorrow, Eccl 1:17,18
132. A good name is a blessing, Eccl 7:1/ Prov 22:1 A good name is a curse, Luke 6:26
133. Laughter commended, Eccl 3:1,4/ Eccl 8:15 Laughter condemned, Luke 6:25/ Eccl 7:3,4
134. The rod of correction a remedy for foolishness, Prov 22:15 There is no remedy for foolishness, Prov 27:22
135. A fool should be answered according to his folly, Prov 26:5 A fool should not be answered according to his folly, Prov 26:4
136. Temptation to be desired, James 1:2 Temptation not to be desired, Matt 6:13
137. Prophecy is sure, 2 Pet 1:19 Prophecy is not sure, Jer 18:7-10
138. Man's life was to be one hundred and twenty years, Gen 6:3/ Ps 90:10 Man's life is but seventy years, Ps 90:10 Gen. 9:28 Noah lived to 950 years
139. The fear of man was to be upon every beast, Gen 9:2 The fear of man is not upon the lion, Prov 30:30
140. Miracles a proof of divine mission, Matt 11:2-5/ John 3:2/ Ex 14:31 Miracles not a proof of divine mission, Ex 7:10-12/ Deut 13:1-3/ Luke 11:19
141. Moses was a very meek man, Num 12:3Moses was a very cruel manNum 31:15,17
142. Elijah went up to heaven, 2 Kings 2:11 None but Christ ever ascended into heaven, John 3:13
143. All scripture is inspired, 2 Tim 3:16 Some scripture is not inspired, 1 Cor 7:6/ 1 Cor 7:12/ 2 Cor 11:17

All scripture is dog shit!!!

(Updated Nov. 1, 2011)


r said...

Why are you so mad at Jesus? He loves you, you know. God bless, I'm praying for you.

A. Thinker said...

No one is mad at Jesus, since he didn't exist. Even if he did, no one here thinks he was god in any sense. You pray, we'll think, as Brian Sapient likes to say.

As for this blog, unfortunately, none of what was posted was a fallacy in any sense. Perhaps you meant contradictions? It's a shame that it's in the title of the blog, since that's not what's posted.

The best fallacy I can think of in the bible is the ol' appeal to strength when poor Job just asks god what's going on, and god says, "You dare question ME!?" Somehow, god gets his panties all in a bunch about it, even though he knows both what Job is thinking and why, supposedly. god is such a cry baby.

Lord DoomRater said...

Prime example of lulz.

WoundedEgo said...

When I was a boy, trying my hand at carpentry, I tried to connect two boards with brads. The brads were about an inch long and very thin. They went through the first board and about a half inch into the second board. I pounded in about 25 nails, but they just did not hold the boards.

That list is kind of like that. Quantity does not make up for quality.

I think of a court of law. They don't accept lots of coincidences. That does not remove a reasonable doubt. They need real evidence - damning evidence.

When I was a believer, a list like this might motivate me to do some research, but for the most part, if the first one was weak, I would probably not even look at the second one, assuming it was no stronger.

But as I studied the Bible for myself and really understood it, a handful of very fundamental problems arose that caused a sea change in my thinking, and ultimately led me to realize it was not something I could reasonably consider true any longer.

I recently put these "Shockers" as I call them into a book, called "Bible Shockers!" It is a Bible study more than anything else. But as one grasps what the text is actually saying, I think any reasonable person will have to conclude that it is hardly a book for an educated person to embrace as a reasonable outlook on life.

I invite you to visit my site, http://bibleshockers.com

Bill Ross

Steven Bently said...

Hey lighten up, no one on earth knows how we got here and from where. Especially people that lived 2000 years ago whom suppossedly wrote the bible, they were just guessing.

What they did not know they said "God did it" well no one could prove a God did not do it, it still does not mean to this day that a God did it.

The lazy way out of thinking is to say "God did it" no further investigation is needed. Thus created the lazy mans' religions.

Thanks for your comments tho, yeah r, you just keep up that praying will ya...lol

Anonymous said...

Excellent list...The local fundummie minister actually tries to rub his BABBLE on me...laughter

MORONS, all.


smorg said...

I cannot believe that any person who was seriously considering taking a stance against Christianity would approach it the way that you have. Your stumbling method of misapplied text and blatant inconsistencies proves to anyone who takes the time to consider what you have put onto your site that you have not taken the slightest precaution of doing your homework to try to find some real evidence against Christianity. Next time you want to try to convince another of what you think, try to get their argument right before attempting to dismantle it. In the mean time I will be praying for you sense it is apparent that God is trying to reach you despite your stubbornness.

Steven Bently said...

I changed the name, you should all be happy now, you bunch of momma spoiled snotheads!

Steven Bently said...

Oh Yeah, be sure to pray for me too...ha...ha...ya self-righteous cretins.

Miao said...

This is wonderful. If only every Christian would read this.

Steven Bently said...

Thanks miao, Finally an intelligent comment. Not bad one out of about 3200 people that's approximately 1/3200 of ten billion peoples world wide, that leaves 3.2 million intelligent unbrainwashed humans somewhere in the world.

For the rest, there's absolutely no hope for :-( sigh!

Bruce Bennett said...

The Bible (like Jesus) is fully divine yet fully human (without sin though); human language is often complimentary in that any given person's comments can be taken to be contradictory if taken out of context. Consider the genre of literature, the context and the overall message of the Bible and you will see that like all human attempts to communicate their is an "unfolding" to their communication and if you eliminate steps 3, 5, and 9 (for example) you will end up with a problem instead of a solution, God has revealed truth using human language which needs to balanced out when the entirity of what is being said is analyzed. Remember truths that are profound take time to communicate and like a syllogism are sequential in design.
Follow the sequence (without eliminating steps in between) and the clear picture will emerge.

andl said...

The Christianity you disbelieve in is certainly not the one I and millions of others believe in.

You only seem to know about a very simplistic, sola scriptura Protestant fundamentalism (which I also disagree with), and even that you massively distort.

The Catholic approach to the Bible: http://www.bsw.org/journal/bsw3/bsw00-1m.html

A said...

Nice list of fallacies. I like #3.

A said...

And I noticed you're anti-everything! Well, almost.

JayBird said...

Anti-knowledge too!

Pastor Steven Bently said...

Funny how people want so dearly to cling on to silly ignorant beliefs, why do your silly beliefs have value to you?

Is it because momma knows everything and to go against what momma told me was true means she was a stupid dumb ass liar?

YES it does!

Was your momma a biblical scholar?

Did your momma witness the jebus crusi-fiction?

Ignorance breeds ignorance, that's the reason you christians are ignorant.

Pastor Steven Bently said...

Yes I'm anti-everything, especially what society deems as correct.

I'm also anti-population explosion.

Just because people can screw each other does not give anyone the right to bring people into this world and then tell them a bunch of freaking lies, like if you do not believe in jesus you will go to hell.

Why bring people into this world and tell them such foolish nonsense, just because it is the same foolish nonsense that you happen to think is true, based upon absolutely no evidence.

To tell children that the bible is true is child abuse that screws with their minds, just because your momma or pastor said it was true, does not make it true.

Pastor Steven Bently said...

For real true knowledge and wisdom, visit Jaybird's blog...lol ha ha ha ha ha lol peeing with laughter

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AEGISGP said...

God takes 6000 years to make Human.

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Mark said...

Mark:Thank You.

Thank you Anonymous Blogger. You have enlightened and opened my mind about the misinformation, fallacies, contradictions, misrepresentations,corruption, radicalism, conflicting and problematic information of the Bible that brainwashed billions of people for centuries. Catholics and Protestants have been killing each other because of the teachings of the Bible, that proved it as History's Greatest Hokum. The Bible makes the world an unpleasant place,turning its believers into brainwashed psychos, ready to twist the unpleasant truth, to justify their wrong belief. It might seem crazy that God pushed Israel into a 40-year journey only to find a small 'promised land', that for their whole life they travel round and round in the middle east. And taught Israel to kill people who comes against their way, even if those people are innocent and living their life in peace. Moses, David, and Saul were considered as God's chosen leaders, they are supposed to good, wise, and just, but in the other way, they are murderers, dictators, and totalitarian leaders which believe and follow their personal perspective of justice. Jesus however, contradicts and criticize Judaism, which God appointed to His people. If God is good why would he let evil exist and why would he create it in the first place? Why would he let His Word to be the source of injustice, confusion, deception, and anarchy? Why God let false preachers, religions, and prophets use His Word as their instrument of faith, that will only result into eternal damnation? Why would God let Adolf Hitler, Mao Zedong, and Joseph Stalin, which are monstrous and brutal dictators that killed hundreds of millions of people, most of which are innocent and die in the most horrifying and grim means exist? It might seem that humans are just God's Toys,he throw it and destroy it whenever he want to. We are just like lab rats that is used for experiments. The Bible is fallible, imperfect, fallacious, and insufficient. It teaches us good and bad, but vague and confusing. The Bible is more likely to function as the Devil's weapon, to put humanity into his snare traps. If God is good why is he letting it happen? Why would he let countless number of people suffer eternal damnation, of sulfur and brimstone, if he is loving and just? Why could He just find a way, if He is omniscient and alpha and omega, to guide humanity into the right path? The question is always why.

Thank you for reading.

Mark said...

Mark:Thank You.

Thank you Anonymous Blogger. You have enlightened and opened my mind about the misinformation, fallacies, contradictions, misrepresentations,corruption, radicalism, conflicting and problematic information of the Bible that brainwashed billions of people for centuries. Catholics and Protestants have been killing each other because of the teachings of the Bible, that proved it as History's Greatest Hokum. The Bible makes the world an unpleasant place,turning its believers into brainwashed psychos, ready to twist the unpleasant truth, to justify their wrong belief.

Mark said...


It might seem that the world could be a better world if the bible didn't exist. The Bible is the ticket to confusion and senseless struggle. If God loves us why doesn't He make a simple way of worship and salvation. Why does He make a voluminous-thousand-page book that has many contradictions and gives its readers confusions.

Charles said...

This is awesome stuff! And yet there are those who in the face of
what is obvious, would go out of their way (and out of their mind) to attempt to harmonize it away and
justify it. There is no remedy for
those individuals.

Steven Bently said...

Gosh it's been so long since I've checked this blog, thanks for all the wonderful comments. Sorry for the delay.

I believe there are those who are in a harmonious connection with me and what I no longer believe, it's just hard to peel out from the childhood indoctrination, I understand it as stated in another post called "What people want to hear."

Mark - Fantastic comments!!!

Thank you to Charles!!!

Steven Bently said...

Can someone please translate the Chinese or Japanese comments?

WingAbouts said...

Interesting list of contradictions you have here. It clearly shows you have quite a knowledge of the Bible.

However, I see that you've mixed up a lot of things because you didn't "rightly divide" the Scriptures. You've misunderstood a lot of the poetical books and you've taken Old Testament themes and compared them with New Testament themes.

The Bible is TRUTH. You've given me encouragement today to study my Bible more carefully so I will not make the same mistakes. Thank you for your post.

WingAbouts said...

Interesting list of contradictions you have here. It clearly shows you have quite a knowledge of the Bible.

However, I see that you've mixed up a lot of things because you didn't "rightly divide" the Scriptures. You've misunderstood a lot of the poetical books and you've taken Old Testament themes and compared them with New Testament themes.

The Bible is TRUTH. You've given me encouragement today to study my Bible more carefully so I will not make the same mistakes. Thank you for your post.

Frostbringer said...

Personal favorite: "According to the bible our only purpose in life is to worship and sing praise to imaginary invisible beings."

Tim Lenord said...

As an African American, I have to say that we are amongst the truest victims of god and the bible. I'm from the deep South and to my knowledge we are the only race in this country to have the fear of Jesus beaten into us. But I have faith that this next generation won't be as ignorant as mine was.

Marcus Neumann said...

The Bible is NOT truth. Its a collection of myths, stories and fables - its also a book that tries to explain the universe and give people a purpose. (the people it tried to give purpose to were displaced and scattered peoples of canaan belonging to the "tribes". The stories formed at a time when no one really could read - thus was originally verbal) Its a tragedy its such a prominent book today and we must talk about it, but this is all changing. In the age of reason, we must not allow the age of religion to hold us back any longer. Where knowledge takes root, so too does religious superstition fade away.

When we examine the evidence in this world, we discover that the universe does not need a god in order to explain its creation.

Remember the times when the bible was written were harsh and cruel, is it little wonder people needed the comfort?

They'd see earthquakes, floods, volcano's erupting, ect, ect, there was famine and disease, no medicine, there was fear and misery and constant thread of war...

Now let me ask you - we KNOW beyond a shadow of a doubt humans have been here for at least 100,000 years. BUT like Christopher hitchens said (whom I drew from to write this part) "It took some 98,000 years for god to actually DO something about all the suffering, and what he did had hardly any effect. So he waited for 98,000 years and only THEN stepped in? And he revealed himself to a backwards people (even by those days standards) who could not read or write, and had no science, and were landlocked and struggling?"

This is the thing, too. Religious people hate evidence.

Its ok for them to ask for proof when science has something to say - but they never need to ask proof of god because they conveniently refer to "having faith."

Mark my words, there will be no organised religion of todays magnitude within 100 years in the western world. Its already fading out as people understand the reality.

Catholic church admits adam and eve is just a story - due to the human genone needing a population of no less than 10,000 people (not 2) -- therefore the rest of the bible is irrelevant/false, there was no original sin.

Religion is a total joke to continue after that.

So, too, WHY do dolphins have the genes for smelling *above* and *below water* and yet they are not activated - so dolphins can't smell?

What kind of careless design is that?

So, too, most whales have the bones for legs at their rear inside them?

What kind of intelligent design is that? Its not "designed" its evolutionary forces.

There are NO transitional fossils - because EVERY FOSSIL, !every! living or dead animal IS a transitional creature. Evolution is not stationary.

So, too, - if god created everything - then why dont we find modern rabbit fossils and kangaroo fossils and lion fossils and tiger fossils?

We must get real, we must cast of religion.

We have the better understanding now, and a better view of the universe - we have the facts.

It would please me nothing greater than to have religion dissapear - its a lie and it causes nothing but trouble.

Nemo said...

Honestly, you are one of the worst bible de-bunkers ever. Even an atheist trying to prove evolution would have a better argument than your research.

I do give you credit for thoroughly finding possible fallacies in the bible and putting as much reference as possible...but your method is very wrong. I think a grade 12 English teacher would fail you on an argumentative essay if you used the same method here.

I read the first few lines, and there was one HUGE problem. You are taking literally everything out of context!!! You literally cherry pick quotes and sentences from different parts of the bible, and say that some contradict each other. OF COURSE they will contradict each other if you simply pick and choose words.

Once I read this "the world is flat and the earth is in the center of the universe, the Sun goes around the earth", I just stopped reading the rest because your reasoning was too low-level. You take words of the bible literally and just out of context...and you tried to use geocentrism as a fallacy (ahahah). I honestly don't know how geocentrism came to be..but it is nowhere mentioned in the Bible.

...and like one of your other commenters mentioned, you are comparing different types of literature in the bible inappropriately.

If you think Christians are fools, let them be and don't make a list of poorly-supported fallacies that makes you a fool as well. To be honest, I rather you spend some quality time with your family/friends than to constitute a list of these 'fallacies'.

Avi Golubchik said...

Have you ever really looked at your bible in its entirety? Quite funny how your god was a Jew? Now tell me what year was he born? If he died for mans sins he did a lousy job, as man still sins! There is no proof that this man even existed. The amount of time s the bible was written and re written is crazy! Look up the dead sea scrolls.

Avi Golubchik said...

Genetically not possible!

Avi Golubchik said...

Get the book biblical nonsense!

Avi Golubchik said...

I think you would like the book biblical nonsense!

Avi Golubchik said...

Read the book biblical nonsense!

Mr. T's Wife said...

From what ive read so far, no one has actually read the bible as the book it is. And most of you are piggy backing from sites that just make the bible harder for people really seeking truth to understand. So since the most of you have no actual scriptural foundation against it, well do science fist; something we have today.
1. Who can tell me where we have come from? Scientifically with the proof necessary? If animals were able to reproduce of their own KINDS, then your telling me there couldn'tve been tons of different kinds of apes being recently found because that's what your using to prove that?
2. Where did the earth come from and who was there to see it? No one and so we rely on people who were there. History was not written to tell kids stupid stories, but to keep each other alive. To protect their people.
3. How many dating methods have been used to TRY and estimate the age of the earth, humans, plants, meteors, animals, etc and how close have they gotten...and Im also talking about the millions of years ago one too.(who was there to prove the ages of things)There are now over 100 different dating metods used and only a few that you can count on one hand can be reliable to date in the same time frames within 7-8000 years.
4. If it is true that the stratum layers are splits between timeframes rock was buried, there should never be 1 a fossil found through more than one layer and 2 a younger fossil found in a lower section than one in the top layer.-Check this out(http://www.icr.org/article/fossil-discoveries-disrupt-evolutionary/)
5. Last for now Bill Nye stated very many times that science is used to predict new things to come, but if all was finished in the beginning we will just be rediscovering the past. My Question is, have there been instances in the bible from Genesis to Malachi, things we have just now figured out? What about circumcision the 8 day wait? Days 1-5, no Vit-K to help blood clot. Day 5-7 Vit-K produced, but why not day 9 or 10? On day 8, Vit-K levels are over 100 percent in babies making it the best day to do it. Isaiah said the earth was round with roundsness 2000+ years before Ol' Chris sailed the ocean. The book of Job also describes dinosaurs condoning their existence meaning they also came off the ark and before you scepticize that, Remember God said Kinds not species and with that they estimated around 1000-1500 animals. More than a third of the ark would be open, and that's not considering if the animals being young. The flood. We can predict were going to find tons of animals dead on the earth from some catastrophe.
All we have today is the word that has been Inherintly passed down from Generation to Generation being rewritten word-for-word, paragraph-for-paragraph by some of the best writers of the time, who cherished the Word of God more than food. It is much easier for me to believe that than the hypothesis' of science that are lies if they are telling them as fact.

Jason Hawke - said...

Hope this goes through.
You missed a biggie
God, being omniscient, knew everything that was coming down the road before he even got started. And that renders free will an illusion.

Kayla Gilliam said...

By definition, a fallacy is an argument that uses poor reasoning. Sadly, you're attempting to use the definition to suit your means, but alas it isn't working well for you. All you've done is show the internet how you don't understand scripture. Science and the Christian faith are not in conflict. The Bible never mentions the exact date of the earth, dinosaurs were never mentioned, human ghosts are never mentioned, and science is not 'of the devil' I challenge you to research more deeply to see expert theologians explain bible verses in a clear way. Have a good one :)

Bart Hoste said...

I loved to read all the things you said, only to build my trust in God.

This my dear Atheïst you might not understand, I read through your whole list and laughed at some of the comments you made. Although I liked the list you might want to concider checking it from a logical point of view. As I am also a great fan of the wit, you looked very stupid in my eyes. Look at all the falacies you made in your pathetic crusade to make the bible untrue.

Thanks for trying but try your luck another day.

liam said...

a fallacy is a flaw in the logic used in a argument or statement. in a broad general definition but there are many types of fallacies and a fallacy doesn't make something false necessarily just because it has fallacies. example "there is no god because there is no evidence to prove there is" - this is a fallacious statement as it assumes a certain conclusion based on lack of evidence not actual evidence to support the conclusion you make, this is referred to as circular reasoning and can be argued with some validity on both sides. as the whole notion of religion can can be argued with religious people saying things like "people would not believe something wich was not true for the number of years they have" this is fallacious as something being old doesnt make it true people had believed that demons caused illnesses and the world was flat for a long time too. another good one ive seen is "god is real because the bible has his words, we know he created us because the bible tells us and the bible cannot be lies because god would not lie, god is good he does not lie". well i can easily write a book and say all scottish people are a reace of secret aliens from venus who came here millions of years ago and we created every religion and lifeform on earth because we were a bit bored then when people doubt me i would show them look here is a translation of the words of caledonia the god of the universe that says this is all true and that the various religions were down to him becoming bored again after finishing each. also proclaiming his words are always true and that he does not lie. but i doubt anybody could possibly blindly accept those words like they do with the bible but this statement is fallacious aswell as a lie i made up. and the religious statements above are all fallacious aswell but could be true or false and a claim containing fallacy does not make it become automatically false ever there are several variations of the term fallacy even my comment is a fallacy of definition as it is very broad and doesnt fully explain the term and its many seperate meanings, they can be found here if interested in a lot of boring reading http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_fallacies

Allaboutthetruth said...

This is so hilarious! You, writer of this article, are completely arrogant and highly uneducated. You are so uneducated, that you actually claimed that God did not provide a way of salvation for those who lived before Jesus. Uhh, hello: those who lived before Jesus had to believe that he would come, to be washed of sin. Those who came after Jesus, had to believe he did come.

I can debunk this whole article! It would take a while, but I can do it. Let me know if you'd like me to. Or stay uneducated if you so wish.

Allaboutthetruth said...

First thing first: whales have bones on their backsides for mating purposes.

Alright, moving on: it has not been proven that earth is over 100,000 years old. Wherever you get that from is a bunch of crud. Secondly, the bible is supported by science and archeology, and so when it says that there is a god, it is only logical to agree with it. It takes more faith to believe there isn't a God than to believe that there is. In addition, God is not some excuse for people to have comfort. God is the ruler of all and has complete authority over everything. He holds our breath. No one like to admit that someone has the ultimate authority over them. I admit it because I know it is true.

Shadowfax Stallionus said...

If you're going to do this for Christianity, please do this as well for Buddhism, Islam, and all the other religions out there. Because if you don't, people are going to think you hate solely Christianity and that weakens your argument. One can say that you simply hate Christianity and are ignoring many different aspects.

macelyn mace consejo dumancas said...

Melissa Vargas

The question is, if you die today, where will you spend eternity?

Bagal Yakin said...

I have no doubt about the thousands contradictions.. it is very unfortunate that the bible has gone through endless revisions.

steven zion said...

Many of your arguments are based on faulty premises. It would take me too long to enumerate them. However, as a beginning, it is important that you make a clear distinction between Old and New Testaments. They are not the same, nor is the New Testament a continuation of the Old. With this in mind you should also be aware of the Oral Law of the Jews, without which the written law cannot be understood and is moreover prone to gross misconceptions, as you have so evidently made it clear through your literal interpretation of verse. There is a wealth of biblical exegesis based on masoretic tradition to which you can refer to for elucidation on many of the subjects you have touched upon. I would suggest that you learn more. Any good Rabbi can teach you how Mosaic law is learned. Without going to far into it, all I'll say is there is a lot more to scripture than what you seem to know, if you go deeper than just scratching at its surface.

Outdoor Kit Sense said...

Thanks for the laughs. Just hilarious, you don't even understand about different types of writing. Go do some research.

eddie owens said...

Some of your examples are simplistic in nature and could be refuted with logic. I, however, am not an advocate of the bible. I was a minister for over 30 years for the Church of Christ in my home town and am now an outcast among my own blood kindred. I too feel the bible is rife with errors and common mistakes but try convincing those who hold to it like it was their very existence and the fight is on. Those who refuse to see the forest for the trees will most likely remain so till death.

Unknown said...

The Bible is Satan's greatest creation.